Tree Surgery

Felling, Crown reduction, Crown raise, Pollarding, Dead wooding.


This is the process of taking individual trees down to ground level. Often there are obstacles, buildings or other plants under the tree which we can work around to bring the whole tree safely to the ground. Normally the stump is left a few inches above ground level but we can arrange
for it to be ground out if required.

Crown Reduction

A crown reduction will make the crown of the tree smaller and this is achieved by reducing the main leaf area. This can be done all over the tree or just specific sides as long as the tree stays balanced. This is the healthiest way to make your tree smaller and can be repeated to keep your tree in shape for its location.

Crown Raise

A crown raise is done by trimming the lower branches off giving more room under the tree. This will make the crown smaller and allow light in under the canopy


This can give immediate relief from an overgrown tree without felling however; future growth will need to be managed properly. If you choose to pollard a tree, all the branches will be cut back to specific strong points from which new growth will regenerate.  This process should then be repeated regularly every 3-5 years to keep the tree the same size and healthy

Dead Wooding

This is simply cutting all the dead wood out of the tree. Although it is a simple procedure it can be dangerous given the dead wood can be weak. Also if the cuts are not done correctly it can cause the tree further damage.

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